Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh my goodness!! Oops!

Wow! I have been extremely delinquent! It is hard to believe that it is nearly June, and I have not posted since January!! My way bad! I will endeavor to keep up much better.

Hmmm. Let's see...what has happened since I last posted? I think I remember something...

It seems to me that something very special happened on February 10th...something I was expecting but was a surprise to most people I know. Tim asked me to marry him! I emphatically said "yes!" We enjoyed sharing the news with family and friends and have since (and before then) received much support from our friends, families, and church families. So, now in much less time than that which has passed since my last post, Tim and I will be married! (I'm very excited if you can't tell.)

The rest of the semester finished up well too. God has been teaching me many lessons and blessed me deeply by close friends in Him. Many things didn't turn out the way I wanted them to, but I see that God is working things out according to His plan...and it is much better for me than the way I would have chosen.

What I am currently thinking on is words. The words we say and the words we don't say can cause much harm or good. I am trying to be careful about what I say now, apologize when I say something bad, and make amends for the things that have gone unsaid in the past. We don't have yesterday anymore to fix, but we have today, and God is eagerly waiting for us to ask Him for help.

Something else has occurred to me. Thinking of God's amazing redemption and freedom and singing about it in songs doesn't usually connect with my least not as it should. God's act of rescuing us from sin frees us not only from the punishment and from the sins we struggle with but also from our natural tendencies. Some struggles seem to be handed down from generation to generation, and some even seem to stem from our personalities. God is much more powerful than those. He has freed us from sin ultimately and from Satan. Ourselves are not more powerful nor harder to conquer than sin and death!! He reigns, and He reigns over me. That is not to say that He will give us victory as we would like. He holds the victory in His hand. He has that power and will work together all things for His purposes.

So, now I am busy working this summer and making wedding decisions and arrangements. Keeps me busy...sometimes too busy. Now is the time I seek God, to love those around me, and to prepare for my marriage to Tim. May God reign in every moment.

So, thank you for seeing if I am still here...feel free to remind me when I haven't posted.

Until next time