Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday afternoon...

Well, it is Friday afternoon again. This week has been good. I am absolutely starving! (And about to go get some supper!)

My Calculus is nearly done!

I am thankful for...

Early Saturday mornings!

Backwards sunrises!

Beautiful music - guitar today!

Hugs from K!

My Good Shepherd!

Friday, September 7, 2007


School is done for the week, (officially that is,) the southern sun is warm (okay, some may say hot), and today is a beautiful day. Why?

Well, first of all, it is beautiful because God created this day - specifically chose to make it and to accomplish His purposes in it. But, were it a rainy Monday filled with failed test scores and a bad case of bronchitis, would it still be a good day? Yes!

God whispered something to me yesterday I think. Regardless of whether my homework is done, I am passing or failing, it is raining or cloudy, I am bereaved, or maybe horribly ill, God has created this day, and I am to rejoice in Him and it. I have found myself extremely frustrated a lot recently. I have been frustrated that I haven't been getting the sleep and excersize I want/need, haven't been feeling well, don't have my homework done the day it is assigned (and at a decent hour). With all of this in the background, I think God "woke me up" and asked "Why are you looking at your life from your little hole?" I have been viewing everything from my little selfish perspective. God has blessed me abundantly, but I have refused to see it. Now I am looking...

First, maybe I am not well, things are hard, and I'm not getting the sleep and exercise my body needs. Okay. And maybe my homework isn't where I want it to be. And maybe I don't understand every little thing about the internal circuitry of VOM's. Okay. But, maybe I am where God wants me to be. Not just at the college He chose for me, but maybe exactly where I am. Maybe He has but me here in the midst of these things for a reason - for His glory and His purpose.

Maybe is not the right word. I do believe that God has placed me where He wants me to be. (I do have the responsibility to take care of myself and work hard.) God is so much bigger and sees things in such a different light. My (what a funny thought) life is not and should not be what I want it to be or think it should be. God works all things together for His glory and purposes. It's bigger than me.

So right now, as I take a minute's break from Calc III homework (which I love, by the way!) I praise God for this day and this semester and this life He has chosen and blessed me with - and all of the wonderful people He has sorrounded me with. I pray that He will arrange it (and help me to obey Him and do my part in arranging) as He sees fit - all to His glory!

May I see every day and every person and every hardship and frustration in light of my Sovereign and Loving God. To Him be glory both now and forever more!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Extremely Delinquent...

Unfortunately, and to your grave disappointment ; ), I have been extremely delinquent in updating my blog. Well fast forward through finals. I made it through, didn't quite make the grade I wanted, but am content. God uses disappointments and things we really wouldn't have chosen for ourselves to bless us, change us, and glorify His name.

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to intern for a company that improves piston designs and manufactures pistons. I learned SO much and was greatly affirmed that mechanical engineering is the right major/field for me. Actually doing some real engineering work was very enjoyable and educational! I had not really been wanting to change majors, but I wondered if I would actually like engineering once I finished school since working in the real world is so different from classes. Now I know!

I also had the opportunity to take 8 hours of Chemistry at a community college this summer. I learned a lot, thoroughly enjoy chemistry, and am grateful for the chance I had to meet and get to know some new people back home.

Now, I have been back at school for 11 days. I prepared for and then worked new student orientation. Working with others and preparing for all of the new students was great fun, exhausting!, and worthwhile. I was definitely pushed physically but am so grateful for the honor of serving the new students with a group of amazing people.

I have not only been delinquent in updating my blog but also in contacting one of the most important people in my life. (When she reads this she will know who she is.) Let's just say, expect a call from me this evening!

Well, classes start tomorrow. I am a little eager, a little scared, and a bit sad. I don't like change, and I miss those who are now gone from school. But, I also have the privilege of meeting many new students and continuing to build friendships with those who have returned. God said there is a time for every event under heaven. I trust Him and praise Him for that.

Please feel free to send me an e-mail, reply post, or whatever. I would love to hear from you so I can better pray for you.

Take care and until next time,

Monday, April 30, 2007


After studying really hard and taking a Calculus II final, I am exhausted! I have three more finals this week, but my most difficult one is now over! Yeah! As I was walking to the class for the final, I saw one of my favorite people. She stopped me and asked how I was doing. (When she asks, you answer, because she REALLY cares!) Well, I was feeling a little negative about the exam, and she told me that I had been faithful and worked hard. All I needed to do was to do my best, wrap it up, put a bow on it, and give it to God! That is all God wants. He isn't concerned about grades; He just wants my best. So, I took the test, did my best, and gave it to God. I can't guarantee grades, but He doesn't want that!

As Luke 12 says, "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (NIV) I want my treasure to be in heaven, not in some transcript or grade book! I am abundantly grateful that God sent this dear friend to cross paths with me when I needed her. It was truly a God appointment.

I hope you are having a good day, and maybe you are going through finals too. I pray for you, that God will give you peace and help you to do your best from where you are. God will meet you there.

Take care,

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


For those of you who have been watching my blog, I would like to inform you that I turned in my final research project 30 minutes ago and it is due in 1 minute! Yeah!

After staying up until 4 this morning working on it, I am tired, but I am happy. I have one test tomorrow and a project demonstration tomorrow, then finals next week. I praise God for getting me through all of this stuff! He is good, gracious, and supremely sustaining!

Anyway, Beth's niche in cyberspace may soon undergo a makeover. It may just become a place where I let you peak into my life a little bit.

However, I would like to thank you for not becoming disgusted with my slowness and lack of communication. Sometimes my life belongs almost solely to God and my classes.

Take care,

Monday, March 26, 2007

My Strategic Position

I have come to the conclusion that women should not be drafted into the military, at least not as in the traditional meaning of the word draft. Women as a whole gender are not physically or psychologically prepared for such positions. Nonetheless, women should serve their country like the men do. They should perform civil service. This is not to say that I agree with socialist plans, but I believe in serving one's country in some way. I need to see how this could be carried out practically. Should it involve serving in government agencies, hospitals, and schools? Much more thought is needed on this topic, and those thoughts should take place on a brain with a little more sleep.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Thoughts and Research...

Okay, honestly, I am exhausted and not really interested in thinking too much about the draft and women at this time. I don't know what to say about desiring for women to keep their legal rights to vote and hold office and not requiring them to register for the draft as long as men are. I believe that there are fundamental differences between men and women, but how do I justify letting women have the rights but not the responsibilities that have traditionally belonged to men.

There are many reasons for not drafting women. Physiological differences, traditional family and societal roles, unit cohesion, and the potential for sexual abuse all are worth consideration. What is the right answer?

I am too tired to think about it more tonight. I hope something will click in my brain by tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I have stumbled over another person contemplating the issue of drafting women ( Theoretically, I agree. If women seek equality under the law, they should be willing to bear the responsibilities equally as well. We must be consistent with our ideologies.

Personally, I differ in my beliefs. I believe that women are equal, but different than men. Men are to protect women, and women are to support men. I belive that fighting for women is a part of men's design. Culture has changed over the centuries, but truth has not. Therefore, we cannot say that because times have changed womens roles have changed too. This should not be!

Monday, March 5, 2007


I have been working on the next stage of my research paper. I will be very happy when "Beth's niche in cyberspace" becomes my space after the paper is done. I am learning some things while I research and a write. First of all, my outline is on my closet door - in the form of sticky notes. It is really neat how that works. Well, I need to get back to my funky closet door. The rough draft of the paper is due tomorrow, but I think it will be ready. God is being gracious to me!

More personal posts are on their way! I promise to write one some day that doesn't even mention drafting women or school at all!

Take care-

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sources on women and the draft

Here are some resourceful sources on women and the draft. I have viewed some and will peruse them more later.

Here is a whole bibliography of sources

And a group discussing this topic.

I hope these help and you are interested in the topic.

(A personal post will soon follow. Research is good, but if you know me, I know that is not why you are most likely checking my blog.)

Have a good evening!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good morning...

As I continue to research the draft and work with my wonderful research partner Diarra, I am finding even more complexities inherent in the issue of drafting women. To be brief, whether or not women should be drafted to fill the role of combatants or whether they should be drafted to other roles of serving their country can be two different questions. (In the second case, the draft would be a completey different kind of draft that is currently being discussed.)

This source discusses relatively current bills that would (or would have) reinstate the draft.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Opinions about women in the draft...

The above blog gives a many personal responses to the proposal of drafting women. One thing I love about blogs is the honesty with which people speak. Even if theoretically someone agrees with a specific ideology, they can admit that practically they are opposed to it. Check out the blog to see what I mean.

Here is a good article dealing with the recent history of draft bills and the general feelings held by government officials regarding the draft. The draft scare may very likely be a real tactic, but for what purpose? To make the people of America desire to pull out of Iraq?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More on the draft...

This article brought several questions to my mind. First, why are more people not enlisting? Is it fear? I'm afraid that many Americans, myself included, enjoy the freedoms we have today while conveniently forgetting that a host of service men and women gave their very lives to provide us with these freedoms. We need to revisit Arlington National Cemetary and consider the honor and duty in loving our neighbors as we love ourselves and sacrificing our lives for them. (Galatians 5:14 NIV)

This article shows the reaction of some individuals to the proposition of the reinstatement of the draft. Although it is written with a strong leaning, it nevertheless represents some schools of thought.

This is a link to Rep. Rangel's much discussed bill which was introduced January 10, but was soon rejected.

Here is another link that provides a good amount of pertinent information.

If you have an opinion on this issue and would like to discuss it, I would welcome the conversation.

Women serving in the United States armed forces

As I have continued to research the draft and the possibility of women being a part of the draft, I am somewhat disheartened. In my family, which has an extensive history in the military, serving our country has been viewed with honor and abundant respect. As was made evident during the Vietnam and Korean Wars, not everyone shares the sentiment.

I hope that serving in the military does not lose all of that. We should respect and honor our soldiers and we be willing to serve as we are needed in the defense of our great country. For some that means private enterprise, for others that means entering politics, for others that means voting, for others that means teaching, for others that means preaching, for others that means serving in the military, and for all believers in the true God it means lifting up our nation, citizens, leaders, and soldiers to God in prayer. There are many different ways one can serve his/her country. We must each seek to find our place and fill that position with honor.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Women in the draft

I am considering some very serious issues. Namely, in the case that the draft is reinstated, should women be included in the draft? If not, why not?

At I found people who believe that it is morally wrong for women to be required to serve in the military, particularly in combat. Charmaine Yoest believes that the first move toward drafting women would be to allow them to serve in combat. One individual who posted on the article said that women (including his daughter) are already serving in combat, as situations arise that were not necessarily expected. As the article expressed, the issue of women in the draft is important, because, although we do not currently have an active draft, the day may come when it is implemented.

We must consider this issue now, before we are in a situation where our stance is no longer important because the decision has already been made.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Discourse on my philosophy of blogging

My opinion of the value of blogging has changed over the last few weeks. Because I dislike reading on a computer screen, I thought that blogging was not for me. I was wrong. Blogging is actually quite valuable and has a lot of potential benefits. First, it helps me with invention (the rhetorical meaning of the word, that is). When I begin to put my thoughts into words and write them down or type them into my computer, I begin to think more about a subject. New ideas seem to grow directly out of other ideas. (This could be considered the elocutionary aspect of blogging.) Having my thoughts recorded and preserved for future review and remembrance is very helpful when I desire to know what I was thinking or feeling at a certain time or in a particular situation. Writing out my thoughts also helps me to analyze them better and to see the soundness or faultiness of my own reasoning.

Blogging is useful in this class for many reasons. First, it presents us, the students, with the opportunity to share our thoughts with each other without interruption. We are able to say what we believe and then receive feedback from others. Having the benefit of reading someone else's blog before discussing a topic with them allows the reader the benefit of understand the other students thinking before attempting to engage in conversation. The outcome of this thinking is more productive conversations and a better understand of the other persons position.

Blogging is extensively useful beyond this class. I personally am just beginning to understand this. Blogging allows us (students and bloggers) to actively participate in an on-line community where we can use our intellects and connect to other serious minded individuals. We have important things to say and opinions worthy of being shared. In 1 Timothy 4:12, we are told "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity." Blogging is a part of speech and is a way in which we can present our views and arguments regarding specific issues. With this in mind, we must be careful that what we say in our blogs does not misrepresent or dishonor Christ.

(As a side note, I see blogging as a way in which someone, a stay-at-home mom or confined individual, can continue to be actively involved in the intellectual world instead of allowing themselves to become isolated and disconnected from the serious discourses taking place.)

Blogging fits into a Christian worldview by allowing Christians to interact with people they likely would never had an opportunity to interact with in the absence of blogging. This interaction has the potential of bringing individuals to a saving relationship with Christ and to bring God glory in intellectual circles. This can be one means of implementing a Christian worldview. As Dr. Olson has pointed out, we are commanded to go into all the world and preach the gospel. All the world includes cyberspace. It is an avenue by which Christians can and should share Christ and a Christian worldview with others.

Blogging is something that I am still figuring out. It provides a place to openly share my thoughts in a format that is understandable and clear (hopefully) to those who are interested. It is also a way to become involved in shaping and forming our dynamic culture and bring sound logic and Christian thinking into the often considered "secular realms." As is apparent by this entry, my opinion about blogs and and the role that they will play in my life is still developing. It is an area that I need to pray about and seriously consider.

All of this being said, I bid you good evening and farewell.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Research: The Draft

I have read several different blogs discussing the draft. The reinstatement of the draft is a hot topic. Some individuals think that talk of reinstating it is only to make people think seriously about our national decisions. Others believe that the draft will be reinstated as history repeats itself.

There is a lot being said against President Bush. Many people refer to him as an idiot and the whole war in Iraq as a gargantuan mistake. While several individuals commented on how people whose children could be called up in the draft wouldn't vote for it, others who would likely be called up themselves thought the draft was a good thing.

My opinion on all of this is "Wow!"-scratch, scratch, scratch. I wonder if the draft really will be reinstated, if it would help our military, if women would be drafted, and how the draft would change young people's lives. I think we are very self-centered (me included) and the thought of sacrificing-possibly one's very life-for the freedom of others is foreign to many of us.

Although I would be exempted from military service due to medical reasons, I still would like to think that I would want to serve my country. I want to serve my country. How can I best do that? How does serving my country fit in with serving God. Will it mean trusting my brother to God as he serves in the military, putting his life at risk? I don't really know. I'm just thinking.

I'm here!

Well, I suppose I have arrived in an arena I would never have imagined I would be-the blogoshpere!

Coming soon, all of Beth's deep dark secrets made easily accessible...not quite.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Your time is valuable, therefore I will try not to waste it.

Have a wonderful day! Num. 6:24-26