Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Women serving in the United States armed forces

As I have continued to research the draft and the possibility of women being a part of the draft, I am somewhat disheartened. In my family, which has an extensive history in the military, serving our country has been viewed with honor and abundant respect. As was made evident during the Vietnam and Korean Wars, not everyone shares the sentiment.

I hope that serving in the military does not lose all of that. We should respect and honor our soldiers and we be willing to serve as we are needed in the defense of our great country. For some that means private enterprise, for others that means entering politics, for others that means voting, for others that means teaching, for others that means preaching, for others that means serving in the military, and for all believers in the true God it means lifting up our nation, citizens, leaders, and soldiers to God in prayer. There are many different ways one can serve his/her country. We must each seek to find our place and fill that position with honor.

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