Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sources on women and the draft

Here are some resourceful sources on women and the draft. I have viewed some and will peruse them more later.



Here is a whole bibliography of sources


And a group discussing this topic.


I hope these help and you are interested in the topic.

(A personal post will soon follow. Research is good, but if you know me, I know that is not why you are most likely checking my blog.)

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good morning...

As I continue to research the draft and work with my wonderful research partner Diarra, I am finding even more complexities inherent in the issue of drafting women. To be brief, whether or not women should be drafted to fill the role of combatants or whether they should be drafted to other roles of serving their country can be two different questions. (In the second case, the draft would be a completey different kind of draft that is currently being discussed.)


This source discusses relatively current bills that would (or would have) reinstate the draft.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Opinions about women in the draft...


The above blog gives a many personal responses to the proposal of drafting women. One thing I love about blogs is the honesty with which people speak. Even if theoretically someone agrees with a specific ideology, they can admit that practically they are opposed to it. Check out the blog to see what I mean.


Here is a good article dealing with the recent history of draft bills and the general feelings held by government officials regarding the draft. The draft scare may very likely be a real tactic, but for what purpose? To make the people of America desire to pull out of Iraq?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More on the draft...


This article brought several questions to my mind. First, why are more people not enlisting? Is it fear? I'm afraid that many Americans, myself included, enjoy the freedoms we have today while conveniently forgetting that a host of service men and women gave their very lives to provide us with these freedoms. We need to revisit Arlington National Cemetary and consider the honor and duty in loving our neighbors as we love ourselves and sacrificing our lives for them. (Galatians 5:14 NIV)


This article shows the reaction of some individuals to the proposition of the reinstatement of the draft. Although it is written with a strong leaning, it nevertheless represents some schools of thought.


This is a link to Rep. Rangel's much discussed bill which was introduced January 10, but was soon rejected.


Here is another link that provides a good amount of pertinent information.

If you have an opinion on this issue and would like to discuss it, I would welcome the conversation.

Women serving in the United States armed forces



As I have continued to research the draft and the possibility of women being a part of the draft, I am somewhat disheartened. In my family, which has an extensive history in the military, serving our country has been viewed with honor and abundant respect. As was made evident during the Vietnam and Korean Wars, not everyone shares the sentiment.

I hope that serving in the military does not lose all of that. We should respect and honor our soldiers and we be willing to serve as we are needed in the defense of our great country. For some that means private enterprise, for others that means entering politics, for others that means voting, for others that means teaching, for others that means preaching, for others that means serving in the military, and for all believers in the true God it means lifting up our nation, citizens, leaders, and soldiers to God in prayer. There are many different ways one can serve his/her country. We must each seek to find our place and fill that position with honor.