Saturday, January 27, 2007

Women in the draft

I am considering some very serious issues. Namely, in the case that the draft is reinstated, should women be included in the draft? If not, why not?

At I found people who believe that it is morally wrong for women to be required to serve in the military, particularly in combat. Charmaine Yoest believes that the first move toward drafting women would be to allow them to serve in combat. One individual who posted on the article said that women (including his daughter) are already serving in combat, as situations arise that were not necessarily expected. As the article expressed, the issue of women in the draft is important, because, although we do not currently have an active draft, the day may come when it is implemented.

We must consider this issue now, before we are in a situation where our stance is no longer important because the decision has already been made.

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