Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Research: The Draft

I have read several different blogs discussing the draft. The reinstatement of the draft is a hot topic. Some individuals think that talk of reinstating it is only to make people think seriously about our national decisions. Others believe that the draft will be reinstated as history repeats itself.

There is a lot being said against President Bush. Many people refer to him as an idiot and the whole war in Iraq as a gargantuan mistake. While several individuals commented on how people whose children could be called up in the draft wouldn't vote for it, others who would likely be called up themselves thought the draft was a good thing.

My opinion on all of this is "Wow!"-scratch, scratch, scratch. I wonder if the draft really will be reinstated, if it would help our military, if women would be drafted, and how the draft would change young people's lives. I think we are very self-centered (me included) and the thought of sacrificing-possibly one's very life-for the freedom of others is foreign to many of us.

Although I would be exempted from military service due to medical reasons, I still would like to think that I would want to serve my country. I want to serve my country. How can I best do that? How does serving my country fit in with serving God. Will it mean trusting my brother to God as he serves in the military, putting his life at risk? I don't really know. I'm just thinking.

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okmiller said...

Good thoughts Beth - I am eager to see where you wind up. Mom