Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Discourse on my philosophy of blogging

My opinion of the value of blogging has changed over the last few weeks. Because I dislike reading on a computer screen, I thought that blogging was not for me. I was wrong. Blogging is actually quite valuable and has a lot of potential benefits. First, it helps me with invention (the rhetorical meaning of the word, that is). When I begin to put my thoughts into words and write them down or type them into my computer, I begin to think more about a subject. New ideas seem to grow directly out of other ideas. (This could be considered the elocutionary aspect of blogging.) Having my thoughts recorded and preserved for future review and remembrance is very helpful when I desire to know what I was thinking or feeling at a certain time or in a particular situation. Writing out my thoughts also helps me to analyze them better and to see the soundness or faultiness of my own reasoning.

Blogging is useful in this class for many reasons. First, it presents us, the students, with the opportunity to share our thoughts with each other without interruption. We are able to say what we believe and then receive feedback from others. Having the benefit of reading someone else's blog before discussing a topic with them allows the reader the benefit of understand the other students thinking before attempting to engage in conversation. The outcome of this thinking is more productive conversations and a better understand of the other persons position.

Blogging is extensively useful beyond this class. I personally am just beginning to understand this. Blogging allows us (students and bloggers) to actively participate in an on-line community where we can use our intellects and connect to other serious minded individuals. We have important things to say and opinions worthy of being shared. In 1 Timothy 4:12, we are told "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity." Blogging is a part of speech and is a way in which we can present our views and arguments regarding specific issues. With this in mind, we must be careful that what we say in our blogs does not misrepresent or dishonor Christ.

(As a side note, I see blogging as a way in which someone, a stay-at-home mom or confined individual, can continue to be actively involved in the intellectual world instead of allowing themselves to become isolated and disconnected from the serious discourses taking place.)

Blogging fits into a Christian worldview by allowing Christians to interact with people they likely would never had an opportunity to interact with in the absence of blogging. This interaction has the potential of bringing individuals to a saving relationship with Christ and to bring God glory in intellectual circles. This can be one means of implementing a Christian worldview. As Dr. Olson has pointed out, we are commanded to go into all the world and preach the gospel. All the world includes cyberspace. It is an avenue by which Christians can and should share Christ and a Christian worldview with others.

Blogging is something that I am still figuring out. It provides a place to openly share my thoughts in a format that is understandable and clear (hopefully) to those who are interested. It is also a way to become involved in shaping and forming our dynamic culture and bring sound logic and Christian thinking into the often considered "secular realms." As is apparent by this entry, my opinion about blogs and and the role that they will play in my life is still developing. It is an area that I need to pray about and seriously consider.

All of this being said, I bid you good evening and farewell.

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Rambling Rhetorician said...

The Internet: Witness from the comfort of your own home! Even lazy people like me don’t have an excuse not to be sharing God’s word. Good thoughts. I’m glad you’re warming up to blogging.