Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I have stumbled over another person contemplating the issue of drafting women ( Theoretically, I agree. If women seek equality under the law, they should be willing to bear the responsibilities equally as well. We must be consistent with our ideologies.

Personally, I differ in my beliefs. I believe that women are equal, but different than men. Men are to protect women, and women are to support men. I belive that fighting for women is a part of men's design. Culture has changed over the centuries, but truth has not. Therefore, we cannot say that because times have changed womens roles have changed too. This should not be!


Mattyd said...

We will probably always disagree on whether or not women's roles have and should change, but I'm curious. Would you support a stripping of certain legal rights if women are not forced to bear the same burdens as men?

-Beth said...

Excellent question! How does equal but different play out in rights and responsibilities? I am startled by my own lack of consistency. My first reaction is no, I don't believe that women should be stripped of certain legal rights if they are not required to do all that men are. I will have to think about this and get back to you.

I would also like to amend a remark I made in my previous post. Women's roles have changed and in many situations such a change has been very good and needed. Specifically, I think allowing women to vote and work technical jobs are good changes and that the change from viewing women as "property" to inherently valuable individuals is also a right move.