Saturday, January 12, 2008

Check, Check, Check....

Here they come, off my list...

Wow, it is Saturday afternoon, and I have been doing homework for a really long time. On the bright side, I have done my laundry, my dynamics homework, my materials engineering homework, and reviewed my notes from those classes. (Last night I did my differential equations homework and wrote a computer science program as well.) I have also had a few conversations with people who are important to me...and whom I often neglect.

You reading this, yes you, I'm sorry I have neglected you as well. Sometimes school is so frustrating. It is where I am supposed to be right now, but I just want to invest you people, in my relationship with you. (Yes, I am an engineering major.)

One of my profs said the other day that due to the nature of school, a student's life is out of balance. It should be that way. We are so focused on learning and working hard to learn during these years. How out of balance should life be? I don't want my life at my balance point (well, yes I do). Really, I want my priorities and the actions which reveal them to be the same as God's priorities for my life.

I think I will take a couple of minutes break or start in on my speech reading. Then, when that is done, I just have materials, CS1, and dynamics reading left. What do I need to do? All of this is what I want to do. What should I do? Where do I draw the line and say "good job, you are done."

When it comes to the end of my life, I just hope and want to work towards being able to hear from my wonderful Father and Savior, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." Let me please You, Lord. Not myself or other people. Just You.

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