Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Only 39 days!!!!

There are only 39 days until my wedding to Tim! 39 days, that is one less than the oft occuring 40 day periods in the Bible, it is 3 bakers dozens days, and it is just not that far away! I am looking forward to this day so much.

All of the details have been extremely overwhelming at times, but they are pulling together, and it will be a beautiful, wonderful day. I'm sure there will be mishaps and things won't go quite as planned or expected, but that is okay. What is important about the day is that Tim and I are making the commitment to enter the sacred commitment of marriage.

Many of our family and friends will join us, while there will also been many missing. They may miss our wedding, but we look forward to sharing with them our marriage.

As the day creeps closer, I want so much to keep God and His plan and purpose at the front of all and before all of the wedding plans. Love for God, then love for Tim, then love for all of those that God has so kindly placed in my life...these things come first. Flowers and lights and dresses and tulle will all be little embelishments on the day that will help make it pretty and make it feel special as it should. (Although sometimes I think of them as necessary evils.) Regardless or including all of the details, I am getting very excited. Although I have deliberated over some of the details way too much, the day will reflect Tim and me and our desires and who we are.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to plan this day and have our crazy moments.

Counting down....

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